LCBBS – The Changes

Around a month ago a group of 12 players took part in the LCBBS – the LibraryCraft Big Base Swap, where pairs of players swapped bases and modified them in their style. It was great to see the excitement in the chat and Discord, so now here’s some of the results! Not every base was able to be worked on (life sometimes gets in the way and that’s okay), but here are some of the bases with the biggest changes. You can see the previous images in the first post about the LCBBS.


This was a fun one – I took on Zashu’s base, and added a fallen temple area in the corner, a new mega portal, a hidden super smelter behind the Among Us spaceman, a stable for the animals under a cliff, a chicken coop, and the biggest job of all, clearing out the huge chest monster that covered the entire base!


Zashu went all out with my base, completely redesigning the house, and adding so much more! I honestly love it. It’s incredible! A campfire area, large outdoor table, bridge, more farms, ship and…

…even a full private library in the basement. It’s phenomenal. Thanks Z!


Now known as sweedish and thanks to _keq, Cotal’s base had a huge overhaul, with heaps of aesthetic changes that look great.

The farms underground are also beautiful to check out.


To be perfectly honest I’m not sure what’s changed here – I think the portion in the centre at the bottom is new, as well as the big torch? Either way, it looks cool! Nice work Flash.


On the other side, Cram changed heaps in Flash’s base, with more terrain changes and details galore. It looks excellent.


Jish’s base (thanks to B4C0N), got a good overhaul, with most noticeably (to me at least) saw the farm areas getting an overhaul. It looks great!


TurtleBoy got a good deal, scoring a couple of excellent builders in JtripleM and CrazyCollie1205. The changes here are pretty monumental! I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Wow.

That’s it! We’ll be sure to do the LCBBS again in the next Minecraft version, with all that beautiful new cave world generation. Thanks to everyone who took part!