May Library Competition – Results

May’s Library competition has been shelved (get it?) , our awesome mods and judges have submitted their votes, so here’s the results, plus the honourable mentions! We had a really hard time picking the winners this month – all feedback from the moderators was that the entries were next level! You should all be really proud.

1st Place: crazycollie

In true Collie fashion, we’ve got an absolutely breathtaking Hogwarts inspired library, filled to the brim with plenty of Harry Potter books and details. This is beautiful and was amazing to walk through. Well done Collie!

2nd Place: _pluto_9

Coming in second place for the second month in a row, Pluto has created a stunning quartz and glazed terracotta build with a difference. The design here is very eye catching, and is a very grand entrance leading up to the library in the back.

3rd Place: bforkcan

Formerly known as B4C0N and (confusingly) SpeedCat995, bforkcan has gone for a more rugged stone look with this build, reminiscent of a traditional library. It’s really well thought out! A very nice use of the poster sign too. 🙂

Honourable Mentions

A whopping six other builders also scored votes but didn’t quite get across the line. This just shows the quality of builds we had this month!



I have to say as a librarian, this concept of Count’s was great – a VR library. Hold a book and walk through a portal to check out the story in virtual reality! I wish this was a thing…





Congratulations to all our winners and honourable mentions! The winnings will be sent out soon. Speaking of winnings, given the economy system will be changing very soon, the in-game prizes for our top three builders from this point on will be diamond blocks! 3 for first place, 2 for second and 1 for third.

Bring on the Nether and the final competition for the season!