August Farm Competition Results

To celebrate National Science Week’s 2021 theme of Food: Different by Design, we’ve been watching our players build their best farms on plots twice the size as normal, and wow, they certainly delivered.

We also offered up some bonus prizes this month:
1st Place: 1x Sphero SPRK+
2nd Place: 1x LEGO Minecraft 21170 The Pig House
3rd Place: 1x LEGO 40385 Trophy

Here are the winners!

1st Place: crazycollie

This is pretty big. Not just the plots, but the win for crazycollie! Aside from a stunning build that has so much detail, this build secures collie’s place as an official Builder in the server with four wins in the competitions. Unfortunately this means that collie won’t be able to enter the competitions any more, but it does mean an official rank and role in the server, and bigger builds to come! Congrats crazycollie!

2nd Place: Doobiewinkle

Doobiewinkle went with Ancient Rome as an overall theme of the build, and his storytelling just shines through. It’s so cool to check out.

3rd Place: __B4C0N

I really liked the layout of this build, with the barn at the top of the hill, overlooking the lake. Very well done!

Honourable Mentions

We have three honourable mention this round, with players scoring some votes, but not enough to make the top three.




A huge congratulations to all of our entrants! The level of detail across all the entries this month was something else. Prize collection will be sorted through Discord – on to September!