The Weekly Starter Pack Giveaway

Ever wanted some good loot just for playing LibraryCraft? Well, thanks to one of our very generous players, now you can! Thanks to __f0rk (and an awesome idea from Noodles), we have 10 loot shulker boxes filled with some serious loot.

There’s some serous goodies in here! Each week we’ll be giving one of these away to a lucky player for use in NewSurvival. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Send a mail to JohnsanGeezo using /mail send JohnsanGeezo <message>, with the word IN.
  • You will need to send a new mail EACH WEEK to be considered for that weekly draw.
  • Log at least three (3) hours of play in LibraryCraft (in any server – Survival, Creative or Minigames)
  • Weekly play periods start on Monday and end on Sunday.
  • Every Monday the competition will be drawn for the previous week.

Note that the minimum play hours may change each week. The hours required will be displayed in the announcement in game each week. It will also be possible to win multiple weeks. Winners will be chosen by random selection using a random generator.

The first weekly giveaway period will start on Monday October 25th!