October Aquarium Competition Results

And that’s October! Not as many entries this month, but still some incredible ones! On to the winners.

1st Place: _pluto_9

Pluto has created a multi-storey aquarium just full of amazing STEM references, biomes and information, with plenty of stories to boot. It was so much fun exploring this one!

2nd Place: __B4CON

King of the name changes, B4CON is back with a beautiful domed aquarium. The colours in here were stunning!

3rd Place: CountDoDoDoDo

Going a bit of a different route, Count has gone with a water park ride called the Aqua Slide, with a slide going through an aquarium! That’d be a ride I’d love to go on!

Honourable Mentions

Just the one honourable mention this round, with players scoring some votes, but not enough to make the top three.


A big congrats to all of our entrants! Prize collection will be added directly to your Diamond Banks – on to November and Hollywood!

Mid Season Prizes

With October all wrapped up, that means it’s time to award the mid-season prizes! We had a last minute change after this month, so the winners are:

  1. __B4C0N
  2. _pluto_9
  3. CountDoDoDoDo

1st place gets a $25 JB HiFi Voucher, with 2nd and 3rd getting a $10 voucher each! I’ll reach out in Discord to get them sorted.