LibraryCraft – now with Trophies!

When you next log in to the server, you will notice a prompt for a server resource pack. This is for our new custom trophies that have been designed and added in! It’s not a mod, it’s a remodeled and retextured carved pumpkin.

When placing these down, they need to be placed on a horizontal item frame, otherwise they’ll display as regular carved pumpkins. Without the resource pack, they’ll just appear as pumpkins, so make sure you download it. It’s tiny. Each of the three monthly winners will receive their respective trophies, and all previous 2022 monthly winners will also get theirs too.

There’s a couple of other types too: the Emerald Points Season winners, with green tassels on the side, and filled with emeralds:

And the LibraryCraft League Trophy.

This one is much bigger.

Over time this resource pack will grow to include other custom textures, so look out for the new stuff!