Spot the Differences and Win a Medal!

To celebrate the new custom models now included in LibraryCraft, we’ve come up with an activity for more people to get their hands on one – a classic Spot the Difference!

The images above are of John’s NewSurvival Farm. There are 13 differences in the 2nd image. If you get them all, you’ll score yourself a very cool looking custom medal! It’s one of a kind.

How to Enter

To allow everyone to participate fairly, we’re doing things a bit differently. You have two options!

  1. Check out the images and note down the 13 differences. If you get them ALL correct, you’ll win the medal in Survival. If you don’t get them all correct, no medal! Sorry. 🙂
  2. To submit there’s two options:
    1. Discord Users: Open a new ticket and put your answers in the ticket. Easy!
    2. Non-Discord Users: Send an email to including your MC username and your answers. Add “Spot the Difference Answers” in the Subject line. NOTE: Don’t use in game /mail! It won’t be long enough!

There’s no time limit for this one, so take your time!