Introducing the Builder Competition!

Something that we’ll be implementing in July is the Builder Competition! There’s more builders now, and not only do they miss out on entering the competitions, sometimes there’s not a lot of building for the server required due to a bigger team. This is an idea that one of the mod team came up with – just the four Builders having a creative build challenge, with some crucial differences. Knowing what our build team can do, this is going to be exciting to watch!

  • Instead of monthly builds, there are quarterly builds – 3 months each. 3 month competitions from Jan-Mar, Apr -Jun, Jul-Sept and Oct-Dec. For the remainder of this year, we’ll do three 2 month comps: Jul-Aug, Sep-Oct, and Nov-Dec.
  • They’ll be themed, with the themes being a surprise up until a week before, just like the regular comps.
  • The builder team will also have bigger plots. Most comps are either 40×40 or 50×50. These will be 100×100 to begin with.
  • Players can access the world, but not build. Just spectating!
  • Voting (yep, voting) would be from the judges and mod team only.
  • Instead of two seasons through the year, we’ll go for a full year season, with points being tallied up over the whole year.
  • Top prize is a $50 JB HiFi Voucher, and a couple of mega crate keys each for 2nd and 3rd.

This kicks off in July, so be ready for some epic builds!