When is 1.19 coming to LibraryCraft?

As many of you will know by now, 1.19 The Wild Update, the next big thing in Minecraft will be launching tomorrow, June 7! There’s plenty to get excited about:

  • the Deep Dark
  • The Warden
  • Mangrove swamps
  • shriekers
  • sculk blocks
  • mud
  • boats with chests
  • Allays
  • goat horns
  • Frogs and froglights, and
  • tadpoles!

Click the image to get the full info on this version from the Minecraft website. A lot of you (like me) are excited to get stuck into it, but it won’t be available on LibraryCraft just yet. If you try to connect to LibraryCraft using 1.19, it won’t work. You’ll need to use 1.18.2 until an announcement comes up on this site. So why does it take so long? Here’s the process we need to go through:

  1. First, there’s the general release to Vanilla. That’s tomorrow, so we’re close to ticking the first step off.
  2. Bukkit (the first iteration of the core system our server runs on) developers update Bukkit to 1.19.
  3. Once stable (a few weeks at least) it goes to Spigot (the slightly better version of Bukkit our version is based on). Spigot developers update Spigot with 1.19. Spigot is also what our plugins use.
  4. Once Spigot is stable (a bit more more time again), it goes to Paper – the system we use. Same thing…that gets updated and tested etc etc.
  5. At the same time, all the Spigot plugin developers get their plugins updated and compatible with 1.19. Some do this, some don’t.
  6. We have to wait until at least our major plugins work before doing anything. Otherwise it causes major headaches for John.
  7. Once the required plugins are sorted, then John can update the server. The whitelist gets shortened for this step, so only John can access the server. Don’t worry, you’ll see a message appear before this happens, and you’ll be warned well in advance. There’s a lot of restarts in this stage, and even more testing.
  8. So the server is updated! Hooray! Let’s play! Hold on. Not yet. John will then expand the 1.18 Survival world so we have more land to explore, which will include the new goodies.
  9. The world gets a preload – John tells the server to explore! Normally, players exploring new territory do this, but it takes a while, and it’s a huge load on the server, so it’s much better for performance to do it first.
  10. Once that’s done, there’s a little bit more testing, before the whitelist goes back to normal.

In amongst all that is a lot of testing, long hours and responding to the relentless excitement from players asking when it will be ready! Please go easy on us. We’re excited to play on 118Survival (soon to be renamed 119Survival as much as you all do. It just takes a LOT of time and a LOT of work to get there.

Once we’re good to go, an announcement will appear on this site. There will also be regular updates in Discord, so if you want to be up to speed, get in touch with the community there.