July-August Builder Competition Theme Announced!

In early June we announced a new competition coming to LibraryCraft – the Builder Competition. Our Builder rank players don’t get to enter the competitions any more, and sometimes there’s a bit of down time for build projects. We want to be able to let them show off the crazy build skills so one of our awesome team came up with the idea!

This year we’ll have three 2 month competitions – July to August, September to October and November to December. Only Builders will be able to build, but anyone is allowed to check out the progress! The plots are much bigger – 100×100! Each plot is pre-assigned to the four builders. There’s even a bonus build in the middle to explore too!

Voting will also happen in September by the mod team, with points being tallied up over the whole year, just like the main Emerald Points competition. Prizes are a $50 JB HiFi Voucher for 1st, and a couple of mega crate keys each for 2nd and 3rd.

On to the reason you’re here! The theme for this competition is:


We want to see what the Builders interpret as Twisted. It could be anything….

This one will be fun! The world will be available July 1st.