The Pixel Expo Competition and More!

That’s right! The LibraryCraft team will be at Pixel Expo on September 3, with some exciting things to get stuck into! We’ve also got five free tickets to the expo to give away to our players! More information on that below.

We’ve got a huge booth with plenty to do – spot the differences will be making a come back, plus two new maps to get stuck into. We’ve got Pixel Island, and the Pixel Creative Competition!

Pixel Island

Using a beautiful map from firehart, we’ve got Pixel Island to get creative on. This island will be a limited run Creative island. We’re inviting players to build something on the map, but you’ve only got a couple of days to do it! The map will be open to building on September 2nd and 3rd only, then locked to building but open to explore until the 9th. So building will be available the day before Pixel Expo and the day of the expo, with some laptops available at the LibraryCraft booth. Come down and say hi!

The Pixel Creative Competition

In addition to the regular monthly Creative Competitions, we’re running a bonus one in the lead up to Pixel Expo. We’ve even got a theme! The theme for the competition is Retro Gaming. What will you build? We’ve even got a bigger competition map!

The competition will be open from August 1st to 26th. Why not a whole month? That’s a great question! In the last week of the competition we’ll be judging the entries, with the winners to be announced at Pixel Expo! If you want to find out who wins, you’ll want to be at the expo.

The prizes for this competition are a $50 JB HiFi Voucher for 1st place, and a $25 JB HiFi voucher each for 2nd and 3rd, plus regular in game loot for the top three and anyone who scores a vote. In game loot includes diamond blocks and a mega crate keys for the podium players, and a diamond block for anyone who scores a vote.

Both gates will be available in the Creative Lobby – August 1st for the Competition, and September 2nd for Pixel Island.

Free Ticket Giveaway!

Yep, we’ve got five tickets to give away to our whitelisted players to attend Pixel Expo for free! We’ll be announcing how to enter this in the coming days. Keep an eye out on the website and Discord for more information.