Meet the Mods – Kisney

It’s been ages since we’ve had a Mod do one of these, so this is exciting! If you’re a LC player and want to do one, use the new ticket option on the LC Discord, or reach out in a mail in game.

How long have you been playing Minecraft?

I started playing MC in 2011, on Xbox 360… I have played on most platforms now… Xbox, PC, Mac, even on the mobile and tablet. Now only on PC.

What made you start playing Minecraft?

It was mum duties; my due diligence because it had caught the attention of my then 5-year-old. Being a gamer growing up I knew what I was looking for… little did I know it would be something I would back for its brilliance to every other parent I met and child who asked for years to come. I was told not to let my kid play by people who didn’t know. I got told it was too old, too scary, too everything they shouldn’t do. What they didn’t know is it taught survival skills, basic thinking tasks, creative problem-solving skills, coding basics using Redstone… and above all else, community. I have spent hours on end playing with my kid ever since. Lots of brilliant memories during school holidays and getting the biggest and best mining haul of our lives.

What type of Minecraft player are you?

We use the following list – based off Mumbo Jumbo’s video – 20 Different Types of Minecraft Player, with a couple of modifications.

  • The Gadget Guy (loves making little redstone contraptions around their base to make life easier)
  • The Resource Hoarder (everything gets stored in piles and piles of chests, even if they don’t need them)
  • The Monument Builder (they always have to have the biggest build on the server)
  • The Autofarmer (farms have to have pistons, daylight detectors, the works)
  • The Explorer (no set base, everything they have is in their inventory. They just walk)
  • The Subterranean Hermits (their entire base must be underground)
  • The Artist (all the pixel art!)
  • The Competitors (minigames is their jam – PvP, Spleef, Parkour, all that)
  • The Code Wizards (whether it’s command blocks or crazy complex redstone)
  • The Mod Fans (Vanilla Minecraft? Nah – bring on the mods and plugins)
  • The Medieval Builders (villages, ships, the lot)
  • The Modern Architect (modern houses, modern resource packs, lots of concrete)
  • The Challenge Fan (Skyblock, Survival SuperFlat, Hardcore Mode – bring on the challenges)
  • The Long Gamers (using the same world since 1.8 or before – such dedication)
  • The Minimalist (a simple house and a few farms will do fine)

That’s an easy question; I’m the Resource Hoarder through and through. Playing with others and going mining for the day? No problem! I’ll bring the packed lunch and survival basics kit! I’ve got plenty to go around so we can mine to our heart’s content. But… having said that I love to explore because you never know when the next best location to start your new base will appear and it’ll be bigger and better than the last. Just give me all the farms too, and I’m happy.

Do you start a world the same way every time, or mix it up?

Sometimes I try to mix it up, but mostly I start the same way every time. Explore to find the most resource-rich land that will make surviving easy so I can concentrate on building. Once I’ve got a farm, some food and a roof over my head, I like to explore… just to check what I might be missing. It’s not unheard of for me to get so lost I start over in the same world and start multiple bases with supplies so I can continue to explore but always have a half-way house scattered around here and there.

What’s your favourite ever build you’ve created?

I think my favourite is my 1.18 Base Shop. I had another stall whilst I build a hobbit-hole style structure that players can visit my shop but also see some of my base from behind the window.

How many times have you beaten the EnderDragon?

Once. With my kid. I was so stressed, but I finally gave in and agreed to do it. Will I do it again? Don’t bet on it. My nerves aren’t what they use to be!

What does your LC base look like? What are some of it’s features?

My LC base has a few nooks and crannies, some hidden passageways and bunkers. I have an open house-like structure on the surface, along with my crops and animals, with another storage space/ home underneath with passageways to my main base under a flat glass surface. It’s all a work in progress. I built in the middle of a wood, animal and water-rich biome so that I could build with lots of materials at my disposal.

What’s your favourite block?

That’s a tough one for me… I suppose I would have to go super basic with wood. Generally, Oak. Mainly because of its versatility – it can give me tools, fuel, light, shelter, protection, the list goes on. It’s also my favourite wood to use for base building.

How about your favourite mob?

Another tough one… I think I’d have to say sheep? I really don’t know, but wool is paramount to beds which can mean life or death in Survival… Plus food and carpets are nice too. Plus, I love to dye a random sheep in a shared world because who doesn’t love stumbling across a blue sheep.

What’s your favourite thing to do in LibraryCraft?

My favourite thing to do in LC is help out the new players with base ideas and getting them sorted with a starter farm. Sometimes just having the basics gives you a real booster. Or just buddy-mining. No one really likes to mine alone!