Pixel Ticket Giveaway & Evaluation Polls Results

We recently announced a few changes that we would be implementing in the server and Discord after receiving some excellent feedback from our annual Evaluation Survey, and we included a few polls to get your thoughts on what you wanted from them. The polls are now closed, as well as the giveaway for some free tickets to Pixel Expo on September 3rd, where LibraryCraft will have a booth! That giveaway form has also recently closed, so it’s time to announce the results! First, the evaluation polls.

Evaluation Polls Results

We ran three polls – here are the results!

  • The Ladders Poll – to see if players wanted us to add ladders as a buyable option in BedWars. 77% of you wanted ladders to be added, so it’ll be implemented in the coming weeks.
  • Next up was the Empires or PVP Survival Poll. We wanted to see if players would want regular PVP Survival added back, a more lore, story and trading based Empires Survival added instead, or to just keep it as it is. A massive 91% of you voted for Empires Survival, so we’ll be thinking through a few options and designing an option in the coming months. This one is going to take some thinking and planning, so we won’t be implementing this for a few months at least. We’ll wait until we’re a few months into 1.19 – that’s getting closer too! Only a few more plugins to be updated. More information on both 1.19 and Empires will be published here when we know it.
  • Lastly, there was the 1.19 Reset or Expansion Poll. This one was closer. Over 60% of you voted for a reset, so a new world will be created when LibraryCraft moves to 1.19.2. This means that 117Survival (formerly NewSurvival) will be removed from the server, 118Survival (the current main Survival world) will stay, and a brand new world will be created, with a separate inventory. Nothing will be able to be brought between worlds. It’ll be a fresh start for everyone. We’re in the process of designing a new Spawn area for 119Survival, and it’s looking fantastic!

Pixel Ticket Giveaway

On to the ticket giveaway! Thanks to everyone for the entries – we’ve used a random picker from online and five usernames have been chosen! Once the tickets have been sent to us, we’ll send them on to the winners. Speaking of the winners, here they are!

  • cramskii
  • Dragon_Gal
  • Meowlicky
  • Grey_Wolf_H4X0R
  • Kursed7280084

Woohoo! Congratulations to our five winners. We’re looking forward to seeing you at Pixel Expo!

We’ll be in touch with the winners soon.