Halloween Hats for Sale!

That’s right, we’ve got six custom Halloween Hats for sale in the server – only 3 diamonds each!

From left to right:

  • The Oversized Top Hat
  • The Pumpkin Antennae
  • The Witch’s Hat
  • The Trick Arrow
  • The Horns
  • The Pumpkin (it fits better on a regular sized head – the Villager heads are too tall!)

These are only available in 1.18 Survival. We’ll also make them available in 1.19 Survival when we update. The shop is located at 1.18Survival Spawn. It’s a big glowing pumpkin – you can’t miss it!

In order to see them you’ll need to download the new server resource pack, available at the bottom of the Player’s Guide. Alternatively if you set your LibraryCraft listing on the Multiplayer Edit screen to be Resource Packs – Enabled, it will download it for you, but you may feel a performance drop, depending on your PC’s capability.

Never used a resource pack before? That’s ok! Once it’s downloaded, in Minecraft select Options from the main menu, then Resource Packs. Make sure you do not unzip the file. It needs to stay zipped. To locate the correct folder to put it in, click Open Pack Folder (at the bottom) and drop the resource pack .zip file in. It will appear in the Available column. Select it and then click the > Arrow to move it over to the Selected column, then click Done. It will load it so the models are visible.