We’re updating to 1.19.2!

That’s right – it’s time! Thank you all for waiting so patiently. We know it’s been tough! The plugins are pretty much good to go – fingers crossed we don’t have any hiccups, but we’ve waited long enough. One plugin still isn’t ready yet, and that’s CustomHeads, but it’s a cosmetic one, so we can do without it for now. All things going well, 1.19.2 is coming to LibraryCraft next week, just in time for the school holidays! Things will change, new things will come, but it will be amazing. Here’s what you need to know. Make sure you read this whole post!

What will change?

A few things…

  • Survival Worlds:
    • 1.17Survival will be removed and (hopefully) available for download some time in the near future. While 1.17Survival was a popular map, since 1.18Survival it’s hardly been used, and it needs to go to make room for…
    • 1.19Survival! A brand new world (and new inventory) with the new Ancient Cities, with a fresh and incredible looking spawn area. Check out the image above for a sneak peek! We’re going with a Ancient Rome style Spawn Island, thanks to the hard work of CountDoDo and a few of the Builder & Mod team.
    • The current 1.18Survival will still be accessible, with it’s inventory, but the 1.19Survival world will have a separate inventory. There’s no link to them at all. No transferring items.
    • The 1.17Survival gate on the Warp Ship will become the gate for 1.18Survival, and 1.19Survival will be opposite it. We’ll give it a bit of a facelift, so you’ll know which one is which when you walk through the gate…
  • Plugin tweaks:
    • 1.19Survival won’t appear in Dynmap for a few weeks, to encourage natural exploration.
  • Server/Gameplay changes
    • The map will most likely be a 5000×5000 map.
    • Public Nether and End gates will not appear in the spawn area until after someone has made it there with regular gameplay. The End will be larger – most likely 10k X 10k.
    • The /gwarp 118Spawn will be removed and replaced with 119Spawn. If you want to get to 1.18Survival, you’ll need to use the Warp Ship Gate.
    • The Trade Island will be coming back in 1.19Survival! We found it harder to find shops, so there’ll be a main island somewhere that they can all be located together. This may not be set up from the start, depending on how much time John has!
    • Any claims in 1.17Survival will be deleted and claims blocks returned to the player that owned it, so you should have some spare for the new world. If you run out again, you’ll need to remove some old claims from 1.18Survival.
      • As was the rule before, you are NOT allowed to claim areas of land simply to reserve resources. Claims should be for builds only. If claims are found with no building on them, they will be removed by moderators.
      • Players are also not allowed to claim villages. Villages are for everyone to enjoy. If you want the villagers, take them, but do not claim the whole village, or even a part of it. There are only so many of them! This is also the case for Ancient Cities.

So when will it happen?

All things going well, John will begin the update process on Monday 19th September. That’s this coming Monday! During this time the whitelist will be reset so only John and select staff can access it. This is so the servers can be updated, the new world installed and the world (plus Nether and End) preloaded to stop lag. We’ll run some tests, make a few final tweaks to the new spawn area and then open it up. If you find yourself unwhitelisted, don’t panic! Just be patient. The process could take a couple of days – we’re just not sure. The server’s MOTD (the little message that appears on your server list screen) will be updated to reflect what’s going on.

That’s it! If you have questions, get in touch with us on the LibraryCraft Discord or with an email. Bring on 1.19 and the Warden!