LibraryCraft is now on 1.19.2!

That’s right! The 1.19.2 Update is all done. The world has been preloaded and we’re good to go.

There are still a couple of things we’re waiting on, and there’s bound to be a few little issues here and there, so please be patient with us as we sort out the teething problems. If you see something is not quite right, please tell us! 

You can report issues either in Discord with a ticket, or sending JohnsanGeezo an in game mail.

A couple of things to note:

  • The Survival Lobby now has it’s own isolated inventory.
  • 1.18Survival and 1.19Survival have separate inventories. No items will be carried over.
  • We’re still waiting on a couple of plugins to be updated, so for now you won’t get access to custom heads or be able to see the NPCs at Spawn or in the Emerald Hall.
  • You’ll be able to use /tpr on the new world to teleport to a random location on the map. It’s a different plugin so should be more reliable.
  • The End is inaccessible for now, to allow people to take their time and get settled. We’re trying not to encourage speedruns this time around, after some feedback we received!

Lastly, a huge thanks to our amazing build team for the stunning Ancient Roman Spawn Island! Massive shout outs to CountDoDo for the design and layout, and Kisney, crazycollie and JohnsanGeezo for getting it built with Count!