Here are your Empires!

Here they are – your 14 empires and exports! Remember to read on to find out what needs to happen next.

Empire 1: Meowlicky & dirtyfoot
Export: Wood

Empire 2: Godzillaaaaaaaa & hasfallenblossom
Export: Moss, glowberries, dripleaf, azaleas & amethyst

Empire 3: quipp & superheroflash
Export: Copper & gold

Empire 4: AquaQuokka & ScrpMtlAlchemist
Export: Meats, leather, wool, carpet & string

Empire 5: LordSquid_ & _pluto_9
Export: Enchanted books

Empire 6: Grey_Wolf_Gamer & Pixelater3000
Export: Iron

Empire 7: kurutrancy & RubyBird12
Export: Warped & Crimson stems, shroomlights & Quartz

Empire 8: Quirtle & CometCraft42
Export: Flowers, dyes, honey and honey blocks

Empire 9: Jish_Le_Fish & Imaginemode
Export: Gunpowder & Prismarine

Empire 10: YanMan & _boonana
Export: Terracotta & concrete

Empire 11: Slimecraft47 & midnightmelon1
Export: Slime balls & slime blocks

Empire 12: Strawberryfolk & Kisney
Export: Crops & eggs

Empire 13: qetzi & DatSpiffinBrit
Export: Coal & Mud

Empire 14: vinemon & RatherQuenched
Export: Potions

That’s it!

What now?
Now you need to:

  1. Choose a name for your empire and let JohnsanGeezo know
  2. If you are both on the LC Discord, one of you needs to open a ticket in Discord – that will be your Empire channel. There’ll also be a channel with all the empires together – #lcempires-general
  3. Take a look at the map below and think about where you want to be based and a bit of lore to get you going! Get in touch with everyone on the #lcempires-general channel to claim your spot.
  4. Then we wait until the map is opened! Stay tuned!