Introducing the LC Create Server!

In order to bring in 2023 with a bang, we’ve decided to set up and trial a modded server running Fabric and our very own mod pack! Running the immensely popular Create mod among a slew of others, this server will be only for players 13 and older, given the more complex nature of play. It’ll be a 1.19.2 world, with the Nether and the End, and around a 10,000 square worldborder.

Is this replacing LibraryCraft?

No! This is simply another server we’re trialling, to see if it would work and be popular. A lot of our teenage players have been with us for a while now, so we want to make sure we’ve got something fun on offer for them, as well as all the regular stuff that’s available in the main servers.

2023 will be another big year for LibraryCraft, with a whole year of player suggested creative competition themes, a new season of the LC League coming, plus another update, of course LC Empires, and plenty more. We’re always open to suggestions!

What mods are included?

There’s some awesome ones! We’ve been doing some testing on an Aternos server, but all things going well, here’s what we’re looking at on the new server (not an Aternos one!):

  • Create – one of the most popular mods going around at the moment, this mod adds so many more amazing automated functions – windmills, drilling rigs, pipes, movement, farms and even functioning, rideable, buildable trains! The possibilities of this mod are incredible.
  • William Wythers’ Overhauled Overworld & Oh The Biomes You’ll Go – these two mods are responsible for some seriously beautiful world generation, adding in over 100 different biomes to explore.
  • Towns and Towers – for adding in different village designs and more things to explore around the world. Ruins, farms and more.
  • Macaw’s Bridges & Fences and Walls – rope bridges, fancy fences, loads of things!
  • When Dungeons Arise – one of the best dungeon generators around. Massive sprawling dungeon complexes with harder hitting mobs, massive pirate ships, floating ships, temples and plenty more for a bit of a challenge.
  • It Takes a Pillage – bigger, meaner pillager outposts, and new pillager types to battle.
  • The Graveyard – adds in spooky graveyards and underground crypts to find, plus new custom mobs like the ghoul and more.
  • Mr Crayfish’s Furniture Mod – purely for the excellent new mailbox function, plus also furniture.
  • Decorative Blocks & Supplementaries that will add a massive range of different things to build with and use.
  • Farmer’s Delight – adds new crops, cooking and farming options
  • BetterEnd – the End gets a rewrite, and a huge one! New biomes, mobs and more.
  • Roughly Enough Items – for a massive list of all items and how to craft them.
  • Diagonal Fences – because why not.
  • Elytra Slot – Now you can wear armour and an elytra at once!
  • Fabric Waystones – instead of warps, we’re using these – they’re found at villages, can be crafted, and are all public. Using them will cost you a level of XP.
  • Sound Physics Remastered – for a superb echo when you’re in caves.
  • Simple Voice Chat – yep, you’ve asked for it, here it is! Proximity chat! The good one.
  • BetterF3 – for a much nicer F3 screen
  • Gravestones – much like graves on the main server, die and your stuff gets kept in a grave.
  • Cammie’s Wearable Backpacks – carry an extra double chest worth of storage on your back!
  • JourneyMap – one of the best map mods around – a minimap, full screen map and local browser map with waypoints all in one! No dynmap for this server. The map will only show what you have explored. It will show other players, but not the terrain around them if you haven’t been there.

Plus a bunch of other dependent mods we needed to run the ones above, and to run the server better. Stuff like a discord link so we can see chat like we do with the main servers and more. Yep, that’s what that discord bot was a week or so ago! We’ve also got a mod where every chest generated when the world is created will be per-player based. No more going to an already looted dungeon to find the chests have been cleared out!

All in all, it’s an amazing bunch of mods! We’re also keeping an eye on Chipped, that offers thousands more block variants for all the vanilla blocks. It’s not updated to 1.19.2 yet, but hopefully it will be soon!

So what now?

There’s a fair bit to do to get the server set up, optimised and functional! Create the server, install the mods, prep the spawn area and get some helpful guides sorted out for everyone. Work has already begun, but we don’t know a date yet, so stay tuned! If you want to get involved with it, there’ll be some new channels set up in Discord for those that are old enough to play in the LC Create server. We’d love to know what you think! Stay tuned – more info will be coming soon.

For now, enjoy this video of John’s base on the test server to see what sort of stuff will be available to get stuck into! The Aternos server struggled with a few things as you’ll see in the video, but it was still a lot of fun.