Everything you need to know about LC Create!

It’s been great to see a heap of buzz around the LC Create server, since we announced it in early January! We’ve done a lot of testing and have come up with a really solid mod pack experience. We’re actually now in the process of building the spawn area, and it’s looking great! You can see a few work in progress images below.

So what do you need to know? Read on! We’ve got some entry requirements, a modified sanction system and specific rules that will need to be followed, plus some changes to the modpack. We’ve also got a launch date!

Entry Requirements

This server is strictly 13 – 17 year olds in Western Australia only. We won’t be letting players on before they are 13, or because of experience with the installed mods. You need to be a minimum of 13 years old.

You will also need to have logged a minimum of 12 hours of play in the main LibraryCraft server network first. That doesn’t include AFK time. This is so everyone who is in LC Create understands the rules and how the main server runs.

As there’s a few more freedoms in this server, we’re still ensuring that the environment is as ChildSafe as we can possibly make it. In order to do this, we’ve decided to add another step to the process, in the form of a Server Terms of Use form that both the player and their parent has to sign. This form is still being developed, but will be made available to players once we’re ready to go. As this is a different server than what you and your parents originally agreed to participate in, we’re making extra sure that everyone knows the rules.

So, if you can see the extra LC Create channels on Discord, and you have completed the Terms of Use form, you will have access when the server launches. Note that the Discord channel access list has changed! If you had access before, you may not necessarily have access now, depending on the amount of hours you’ve played in the main server network. Once you have logged the hours, get in contact with us with either a ticket in Discord, or via the whitelist email.

Additional Rules

In addition to the main rules, which will also be in effect for LC Create, we have added the following:

  • Tunnel bores (mechanical drill rigs) to be no bigger than 5×5 drills.
  • You cannot start your tunnel bore and then log off. If your tunnel bore is in operation, you should be with it. A good practice is to follow the bore with torches to light up the tunnels. You can then collect the ores it misses.
  • Tunnel bores should not be used within 1000 blocks of spawn.
  • Tunnel bores not to be used near populated or built up areas. Unwanted tunnels probably won’t be the aesthetic people are after!
  • Password protected voice chat groups will not be permitted.
  • As a courtesy to others, please ask in chat before joining voice chat groups. The only exception to this rule is for mods and staff.
  • TNT columns or blocks not to be used. Use TNT sparingly.

Modified Sanction System

What is a sanction system? It’s the consequences for breaking the rules. In the main server network it’s a warning, jail time and then a ban if it escalates. For LC Create, it is different.

Failure to follow the server rules (including the additional rules) will result in:

  • 1st offense: Written warning (in game/Discord)
  • 2nd offense: Permanent ban on LC Create

If the issue is deemed serious enough, it will also result in jail time or a ban in the main LibraryCraft server network as well. A first offense may receive a greater loss of privileges in some cases.

Note: players that have received bans in LibraryCraft will not be permitted to play on LC Create.

Important differences between LibraryCraft & LC Create

There are some important differences between LibraryCraft and LC Create.

  • There is no option to roll back inventories. If you lose something, we won’t be able to get it back! Be careful.
  • Graves will spawn on death but will not keep experience orbs, and backpacks will be placed next to the graves. If you die in the void, you will lose your backpack.
  • TNT will be on, but use it sparingly.
  • Claims should be used as they will protect your items and builds!
  • A separate Player’s Guide will be made available closer to the release date. Make sure you familiarise yourself with it!
  • The worldborder has been set to 6k x 6k. Plenty of room to explore!

Changes to the Modpack

To make the modpack workable for as many different types of setups as we can manage, we’ve made some tweaks to it for balance and optimisation.

  • We’ve removed William Wythers’ Overhauled Overworld & Oh The Biomes You’ll Go and replaced them both with Terralith for overworld terrain generation.
  • It Takes a Pillage removed as the structures were far too rare.
  • The Nether is now generated with BetterNether.
  • And a few other tweaks and changes here and there!

Please note that not every PC will be able to run the modpack. We’ve optimised it as best we can, and have had some success with low end PCs already, but each setup is different, and we can only provide limited support for set up.

So when is this all happening?

Release Dates

The Terms of Use form will be available Friday March 3rd.

The LCC Player’s Guide and link to the modpack (to be found in the Player’s Guide) will be available on Thursday March 9th. This is so it can be installed and you can have a read, ready to go because…

The LC Create server will be available for play after school on Friday March 10th!

If you have logged enough hours in LC, are the right age and have completed the Terms of Use form, you will be whitelisted, ready to go on Friday. If you believe you have enough hours, please get in touch with us in Discord or via the whitelist email and we will verify.

If you have any questions about anything LC Create related, you can reach out to us in Discord, or via an email to whitelist@librarycraft.net.

I’ll leave you with the teaser trailer to get excited!