LibraryCraft: Now with Build Battles!

That’s right! You asked for it, we delivered! The Creative server is now home to a build battle minigame and arena. We thought it’d fit better in the Creative server.

To start with we’ve got one arena that can hold up to 18 players. It’s a 10 minute build timer and you can vote on the topic to build on. More of these topics can be added, so feel free to suggest more! After the timer has elapsed, you’ll be teleported to each plot to vote.

You can automatically change the floor block type, add lots of different particles, change the time of day, add rain and of course build! There’s also a couple of commands to use:

  • /bg leave to leave the match halfway through
  • /bg stats to see your statistics!

We’ll be adding a team build battle option as well, but feel free to suggest any tweaks you might like to see.