New Collaborative Project – The LC 64 Storey Treehouse!

It’s time to do another collaborative creative project! To celebrate the WA Tree Festival, something that many of our local councils are a part of, we’re going to be doing something a little more literacy based! One of my favourite book series (and I know I’m not alone) is the Treehouse series, by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. We thought we’d do our own version, so being Minecraft, we’ll be doing the LibraryCraft 64 Storey Treehouse during April! Here’s how it’s going to work.

The rooms themselves will be done in a custom competition world, accessible through the new, and very unmissable treehouse portal in the Creative Lobby, seen above! Note: this isn’t a competition! We’d love to have everyone come and design a room. It can be a room from the books, or something you thought of yourself. Once the rooms are done, the Builder and Mod teams will piece them together in a massive tree for everyone to explore. So…

Saturday April 1st: The LC Treehouse world will open for players to begin building rooms! (Yes, we know it’s also April Fool’s Day, but this is not a joke.) The world for building rooms will be open until Saturday 15 April, 9pm. We ask that you don’t build outside the square box we’ve provided in each plot.

From April 16 to 30 we’ll piece it all together into a huge custom tree for people to explore.

If you want to do multiple rooms, you definitely can, we just ask that you finish one room off before you start another. Get excited! This one should be fun.