We’re swapping out Empires…

While we’ve been nice and busy lately, we’ve not seen a lot of play on the Empires world, so we’ve decided to back it up and then bring it back later in the year. In the mean time, the Empires players have asked to keep the lore going, but we want to offer something else…

We’ve chatted as a mod team and have decided to try PVP Survival again. In the coming week we’ll be getting a small world set up for PVP Survival. We’ve had some fun with it in the past, along with some server side issues, but we believe they’re all sorted, so we’re giving it another go.

Here are the rules we’ll go by, as well as the standard server rules.


  • If you want to play on this world, you AGREE to the PVP rules. If you don’t want to be killed by another player while on this world, don’t enter it.
  • The world will be small – 2500 x 2500 blocks.
  • No camping or spawn killing – kill and move on.
  • No logout location traps. If you saw someone log out, you aren’t allowed to set a trap for when they come back.
  • No claims at all, or dynmap.
  • It’s a separate inventory to regular Survival.
  • Graves will be turned off. If you die with richeties, you run the risk of losing them.
  • No asking for items back. We will not be rolling back inventories.
  • Looting from chests is fine, but hide them well.
  • No griefing. No destroying bases for the fun of it. You can make a two block hole to get in to someone’s base, but that’s it.
  • The world will be temporary – Term 2 plus school holidays, then it gets deleted.
  • Again, the world is opt in only. If you come to PVP survival, you understand that you could be killed on sight.
  • No Nether or End.
  • No PVPing in the world’s entry point. It’ll be obvious.

If rules are broken, you will be removed from the world and may face jail time. Please make sure you follow them!

We’ll be spending a bit of time getting a world set up over the next few days, with the aim for it to be ready by the weekend. We’ll also have another channel set up in Discord for it as well.

If you have any questions, please ask us in chat or in Discord!