We’re updating to 1.18.1!

Yep, you’ve all waited so patiently, but it’s time! The plugins are pretty much good to go – fingers crossed we don’t have any hiccups, but we’ve waited long enough. All things going well, 1.18.1 is coming to LibraryCraft next week! Things will change, new things will come, but it will be amazing. Here’s what you need to know. Make sure you read this whole post!

What will change?

A few things…

  • Survival Worlds:
    • OldSurvival will be removed and (hopefully) available for download somewhere on this site. OldSurvival was our 1.15.2 world. It’s hardly used, but it needs to go to make room for…
    • 1.18Survival! A brand new world (and new inventory) with the new height and depth, with a fresh and incredible looking spawn area (check out the images for a sneak peek). The current NewSurvival will be renamed to 1.17Survival. You can still access that world, and it’s inventory, but the 1.18Survival world will have a separate inventory.
    • The OldSurvival gate on the Warp Ship will become the gate for 1.17Survival, and 1.18Survival will be opposite it. Trust us, you’ll know which one is which when you walk through the gate…
  • Plugin tweaks:
    • The Diamond Bank will stay installed (as we need it to be), but we won’t be using it to store diamonds. All diamonds should be withdrawn from player banks on NewSurvival this week – before we update! You will not be able to /withdraw or /deposit on NewSurvival once we have updated. You will also not be able to pay people, or deposit in 1.18Survival. You’ll need to make a nice vault to keep your shinies in! Why? Because currently we can’t set up a new Bank per world – they’d be linked, and we need it!
    • 1.18Survival won’t appear in Dynmap for a few weeks, to encourage natural exploration.
  • Server/Gameplay changes
    • The map will be a 5000×5000 map (most likely).
    • Public Nether and End gates will not appear in the spawn area until after someone has made it there with regular gameplay.
    • The /gwarp 117Spawn will be removed and replaced with 118Spawn. If you want to get to 1.17Survival, you’ll need to use the Warp Ship Gate.
    • The Survival Lobby will have a separate inventory to both 1.18Survival & 1.17 Survival. This also means that…
    • The Post Office is going to close! While we were small it was good, but we’re too big now to let everyone have a post office box – we don’t have the space. If you want to deliver something to a player, head to their base.
    • How? Make use of public pwarps and pwarp classes! You can check out how to do it in the Player’s Guide. Don’t want people to be able to teleport into your base? Set the public warp point somewhere outside. This also relates to the next one…
    • The Trade Hall will not be coming back in 1.18Survival! Once again, there’s not enough room, and it means that players can make their shops bigger and better (or smaller and simpler) than ever. Have a shop that you want people to visit? Set it as a Public Shop pwarp and it will appear in the /pwarps list.
    • Players will get extra claims blocks to use in 1.18Survival. We’re still figuring out how many exactly, as you should get some back when we remove claims from OldSurvival. We want to make it fair for everyone, but don’t want to give away too many! If you run out again, you’ll need to remove some old claims from 1.17Survival.
      • As was the rule before, you are NOT allowed to claim areas of land simply to reserve resources. Claims should be for builds only. If claims are found with no building on them, they will be removed by moderators.
      • We will also be asking players not to claim villages. Villages are for everyone to enjoy. If you want the villagers, take them, but do not claim the whole village, or even a part of it, unless you have a build there. There are only so many of them!
    • Lastly, the Head Games will be returning for Season 3! You’ll find the Head Games HQ in the new spawn area on 1.18Survival. Each mob has a chance of dropping it’s head on death. Each head is worth points. Collect heads, submit them each week and the top three points scorers will get some massive prizes! You can even donate to the prize pool to increase the loot. The Head Games will be open from when 1.18Survival is available to players, and will go for 2 months. Plenty of time to collect those heads! All the information you need will be in the HG HQ.

So when will it happen?

All things going well, LibraryCraft will update on Monday 14th February. That’s this Monday! During this time the whitelist will be reset so only John and select staff can access it. This is so the servers can be updated, the new world installed and the world (plus Nether and End) preloaded to stop lag. We’ll run some tests, make a few final tweaks to the new spawn area and then open it up. If you find yourself unwhitelisted, don’t panic! Just be patient. The process could take a couple of days – we’re just not sure. The server’s MOTD (the little message that appears on your server list screen) will be updated to reflect what’s going on.

That’s it! If you have questions, get in touch with us on the LibraryCraft Discord. Bring on 1.18!

January BedWars Tournament Match Ups

We’ve got a full roster of 16 players for the January BedWars Tournament! The tournament will start on Monday 10th January and go until Sunday 16th January 9pm. All matches must be played during these times. It’s up to the players to schedule their matches during that week, and report back to JohnsanGeezo with the results, preferably through Discord in #tournaments, or using in game mail.

All the information you need about the tournament is in the linked post from the other day, but the most important information now is about forfeiting.

If you cannot make your match during the allocated dates, you will forfeit the match. Report it as soon as you know. Don’t leave it until the last minute! It’s a lot of work to organise tournaments, and last minute forfeits can be annoying.

Once a new match has been confirmed and the players have been tagged/messaged in game/Discord, you have 24 hours to PLAY the match, or it will be deemed a forfeit. The player that is causing the delay will be the player that forfeits. If this can’t be determined, it will be a 50/50 decision by the Mod Team.

You can find the match list here, as well as on Discord in the #tournaments channel. It’ll be a pinned post. The match list will be updated after each match result is reported.

What’s happening with LibraryCraft and Caves & Cliffs Part 2?

As you’ve no doubt aware by now, Minecraft has updated to 1.18 – Caves & Cliffs Part 2! This means all that glorious new world generation, increased height and depth limits, stunning caves, mountains and all the blocks we’ve been enjoying in 1.17 spawning as they should!

What does that mean for LibraryCraft though?

We’re glad you asked…

The biggest changes will be a brand new Survival world – 1.18 Survival! This is pretty huge, as we’ve not had a new world since 1.16 came out back in August 2020. This will also mean that OldSurvival (the 1.15.2 survival world) will be removed from the server, with NewSurvival being renamed to 1.17 Survival.

It’s scary, we know, but it’ll be exciting too. We’re working hard to see if we can have OldSurvival available as a download in the near future, once it’s removed from the Survival server. A few other things will also be making a return – Head Games Season 3, the LC Big Base Swap Round 2 much later (probably closer to the end of 2022), and more.

A few other things will be tweaked too. We’ll be moving away from a centralised Trade Hall, instead using the new pwarps filter feature, so player shops can be at each player’s base instead. This should lead to some really exciting looking shops that aren’t limited by space! It also won’t be necessary to use Diamond Banks, except when using the Daily Crates. That needs an economy system, and we can’t get rid of The Diamond Bank all together.

An important change with that, however, is that you will not be able to withdraw from The Diamond Bank on the 1.18 Survival World. We’re unable to isolate the worlds, so we will be asking that all players withdraw all of their diamonds before we update. This is your chance to build a fancy vault in your current NewSurvival Base to store your glorious blues. This is still a bit of a work in progress, but for now, empty your banks.

That’s great, but when does LC update?

There’s a fair bit that has to happen before we can update, so we can’t tell you a precise date. We need to wait for plugins and the server’s main systems (Paper and Waterfall) to be updated and stable before we start the process. We’re also still waiting on a few bugs to be sorted out from another of our primary plugins. In short, here’s the process:

  1. Stable Paper/Waterfall updates released
  2. Stable Plugin updates released
  3. Server update!
  4. Lots of testing
  5. Whitelist temporarily removed to all but staff
  6. 1.18 Survival world created
  7. Worldborder and preloads done on overworld, Nether and End
  8. Removal of OldSurvival
  9. Creation of spawn region on 1.18 Survival (no player access yet)
  10. Final testing
  11. Open gates to 1.18 Survival

It’s a lot, and we’ll be busy setting everything up so it’s amazing for you all to start exploring. The best way to keep up to date is to join the LibraryCraft Discord. A new channel has been set up that is dedicated to LC 1.18. Until then, keep having fun in NewSurvival, and tell us what you want to see!

Keep an eye on the website – more information will be coming out when we know it!

LibraryCraft – Now with Daily Crates!

Daily Crates are now a thing! Located at the 1.17 Spawn Island, every 24 hours you’ll get the chance to win either iron ingots, wood, coal, steak, rockets or even a couple of diamonds!

The cost of a crate key is one diamond, and it needs to be in your Diamond Bank to work. Other crates will appear from time to time, but this one is here for good! Thanks to Stablows for the idea.

Skyblock is Back!

That’s right – Skyblock is back! We’re using a different plugin now – IridiumSkyblock, and it seems to work well, with a few tweaks here and there. We’re using a separate plugin to manage the missions, called Quests. It means we can set custom quests for the minigame (and incorporate it into Survival if we want to as well!).

Here’s what you need to know.

When you get to the Minigames Server, enter /island. This will generate an island for you – it looks like the picture above. If you don’t get teleported there straight away, enter /is and the following menu will appear.

There’s a few different things to choose from. Here are the important ones:
  • Grass block: Regenerate island. This will reset your island so you can start again. It won’t reset your inventory, so you’ll need to do the right thing and empty your inventory too.
  • Bed: Home. If you’re in the Minigames Lobby, this is the way you can get to your island. You can also set a /pwarp so you can go there from anywhere in the Network.
  • Head: Members. You can add members to your island using /is invite.
  • End portal block: Warps. You can set warps to your island for others to use. Only will work in the Minigames server.
  • Diamond: Upgrades. This will allow you to spend your hard earned mission rewards on upgrades. They’re expensive, so get ready for a good old fashioned Skyblock grind. Upgrades include a bigger island (it moves the worldborders out), more members, an increased blocklimit, more warps, and a better cobblegenerator. The cobblegen automatically gives ores on occasion.
  • Sword: Missions. Automatically starting missions that give out rewards! More on missions below.
  • Enchanting Bottle: Boosters. Farming, XP and flight boosters. These are temporary, but useful.
  • Beacon: Border. Change the border colour.
  • Coin bag: Bank. See how much money you have. We don’t use crystals or experience. More on the bank below too.
  • Book: Permissions. Give different permissions to different levels of members in your island.


There are a few select missions available, some you can do every 24 hours. To access the missions, use /is missions. This will bring up the missions you can do.

Some will be Daily missions. These you can do every 24 hours. To see your progress, use /is missions. It’ll give you a progress report.

Once a mission has been completed, you’ll get a reward. To claim it, use /is rewards.

The Nether and the End are currently turned off for Skyblock.

Other commands

There’s a few other commands to know:

  • /is shop – Opens the island shop. You can buy blocks and items, but they’re not cheap.
  • /is top – shows the top islands.
  • /is value – Shows your island’s value. Still trying to figure out how it’s calculated!

If you have questions or think something is wrong, ask in Discord or in game!

LibraryCraft is now on 1.17.1!

That’s right, after a couple of days to update, we’re back! There’s plenty to check out on 1.17.1, with loads of new blocks, axolotls, goats (yet to be found) and more.

We’ve also got our new Shop system up and running, with diamonds as the main economy and the stunning new Trade Hall filling up with shops using the new Shopkeeper plugin. We’ve even got a friendly giant called Barry that stands guard and welcomes everyone in.

The new shops are proving to be a hit, so make sure you come over to the NewSurvival Trade Hall and check them out. There might be something you want! If you want to know more about the system, check out the video below.

Server Closed for Update!

If you’re trying to log in and it’s telling you you’re not whitelisted, we’re in the process of updating to 1.17.1, and the server is busy getting the world expansion sorted. It’ll take a while, but I’ll post an announcement both here and on the LibraryCraft Discord when it’s ready to go later tonight.

If you want to stay up to date with what’s going on, join the LibraryCraft Discord server and get in on the conversations! It’s a busy place.