July-August Builder Competition Theme Announced!

In early June we announced a new competition coming to LibraryCraft – the Builder Competition. Our Builder rank players don’t get to enter the competitions any more, and sometimes there’s a bit of down time for build projects. We want to be able to let them show off the crazy build skills so one of our awesome team came up with the idea!

This year we’ll have three 2 month competitions – July to August, September to October and November to December. Only Builders will be able to build, but anyone is allowed to check out the progress! The plots are much bigger – 100×100! Each plot is pre-assigned to the four builders. There’s even a bonus build in the middle to explore too!

Voting will also happen in September by the mod team, with points being tallied up over the whole year, just like the main Emerald Points competition. Prizes are a $50 JB HiFi Voucher for 1st, and a couple of mega crate keys each for 2nd and 3rd.

On to the reason you’re here! The theme for this competition is:


We want to see what the Builders interpret as Twisted. It could be anything….

This one will be fun! The world will be available July 1st.

Evaluation Survey Giveaway Winners!

The LC Evaluation Survey for 2022 is closed, and we got some excellent feedback from almost 50 responses! The mod team will be going through all of the feedback (yep, all of it!) and seeing what we can do over the next week or so. We’ll update everyone with our thoughts and plans! We got some great feedback on the server, Discord, workshop ideas and in person meet-ups.

What we have done is choose our two winners! These two players will receive a $50 JB HiFi Voucher each.

The winners are quipp and _boonana! Congratulations! We’ll be in touch through Discord to arrange for prize pickup.

When is 1.19 coming to LibraryCraft?

As many of you will know by now, 1.19 The Wild Update, the next big thing in Minecraft will be launching tomorrow, June 7! There’s plenty to get excited about:

  • the Deep Dark
  • The Warden
  • Mangrove swamps
  • shriekers
  • sculk blocks
  • mud
  • boats with chests
  • Allays
  • goat horns
  • Frogs and froglights, and
  • tadpoles!

Click the image to get the full info on this version from the Minecraft website. A lot of you (like me) are excited to get stuck into it, but it won’t be available on LibraryCraft just yet. If you try to connect to LibraryCraft using 1.19, it won’t work. You’ll need to use 1.18.2 until an announcement comes up on this site. So why does it take so long? Here’s the process we need to go through:

  1. First, there’s the general release to Vanilla. That’s tomorrow, so we’re close to ticking the first step off.
  2. Bukkit (the first iteration of the core system our server runs on) developers update Bukkit to 1.19.
  3. Once stable (a few weeks at least) it goes to Spigot (the slightly better version of Bukkit our version is based on). Spigot developers update Spigot with 1.19. Spigot is also what our plugins use.
  4. Once Spigot is stable (a bit more more time again), it goes to Paper – the system we use. Same thing…that gets updated and tested etc etc.
  5. At the same time, all the Spigot plugin developers get their plugins updated and compatible with 1.19. Some do this, some don’t.
  6. We have to wait until at least our major plugins work before doing anything. Otherwise it causes major headaches for John.
  7. Once the required plugins are sorted, then John can update the server. The whitelist gets shortened for this step, so only John can access the server. Don’t worry, you’ll see a message appear before this happens, and you’ll be warned well in advance. There’s a lot of restarts in this stage, and even more testing.
  8. So the server is updated! Hooray! Let’s play! Hold on. Not yet. John will then expand the 1.18 Survival world so we have more land to explore, which will include the new goodies.
  9. The world gets a preload – John tells the server to explore! Normally, players exploring new territory do this, but it takes a while, and it’s a huge load on the server, so it’s much better for performance to do it first.
  10. Once that’s done, there’s a little bit more testing, before the whitelist goes back to normal.

In amongst all that is a lot of testing, long hours and responding to the relentless excitement from players asking when it will be ready! Please go easy on us. We’re excited to play on 118Survival (soon to be renamed 119Survival as much as you all do. It just takes a LOT of time and a LOT of work to get there.

Once we’re good to go, an announcement will appear on this site. There will also be regular updates in Discord, so if you want to be up to speed, get in touch with the community there.

Evaluation Survey 2022

It’s that time again! We’d love to know what you think about LibraryCraft! In order for us to make this server the best it can be, and to get some information for the 2021/22 Annual Report, we’re asking for your input.

There are two separate surveys:
– Players Survey: https://culturecounts.cc/s/2PpPcP
– Parents Survey: https://culturecounts.cc/s/4UKsVY

It’s important that we also get thoughts from the parents, as they’re a crucial part of getting onto the server to start with.

We’re also offering an incentive to give us your thoughts in the Players Survey!

Two player entries will be randomly selected to receive a $50 JB HiFi Voucher each. Entries are able to be received from now until 17 June 2022.

The information we receive is valuable to us as it can help us improve the server and the programs that happen in and around it, as well as seeing how important it is in the community.

Spot the Differences and Win a Medal!

To celebrate the new custom models now included in LibraryCraft, we’ve come up with an activity for more people to get their hands on one – a classic Spot the Difference!

The images above are of John’s NewSurvival Farm. There are 13 differences in the 2nd image. If you get them all, you’ll score yourself a very cool looking custom medal! It’s one of a kind.

How to Enter

To allow everyone to participate fairly, we’re doing things a bit differently. You have two options!

  1. Check out the images and note down the 13 differences. If you get them ALL correct, you’ll win the medal in Survival. If you don’t get them all correct, no medal! Sorry. 🙂
  2. To submit there’s two options:
    1. Discord Users: Open a new ticket and put your answers in the ticket. Easy!
    2. Non-Discord Users: Send an email to whitelist@librarycraft.net including your MC username and your answers. Add “Spot the Difference Answers” in the Subject line. NOTE: Don’t use in game /mail! It won’t be long enough!

There’s no time limit for this one, so take your time!

LibraryCraft – now with Trophies!

When you next log in to the server, you will notice a prompt for a server resource pack. This is for our new custom trophies that have been designed and added in! It’s not a mod, it’s a remodeled and retextured carved pumpkin.

When placing these down, they need to be placed on a horizontal item frame, otherwise they’ll display as regular carved pumpkins. Without the resource pack, they’ll just appear as pumpkins, so make sure you download it. It’s tiny. Each of the three monthly winners will receive their respective trophies, and all previous 2022 monthly winners will also get theirs too.

There’s a couple of other types too: the Emerald Points Season winners, with green tassels on the side, and filled with emeralds:

And the LibraryCraft League Trophy.

This one is much bigger.

Over time this resource pack will grow to include other custom textures, so look out for the new stuff!

New LibraryCraft Trailer!

The new promotional trailer for LibraryCraft has just gone live! Thanks to everyone that helped getting footage together, especially the big crew of players that came together for a group photo to include at the end!

Share it far and wide!

Introducing LibraryCraft League!

Something big and new is coming in Term 2 – the first season of LibraryCraft League! What is it I hear you say? Well read on.

Like the AFL, it’s a round robin style tournament that will be on for a number of weeks. Each registered player will get the opportunity to verse each other player in the competition, but there’s a difference. This isn’t just one minigame, it’s three – BedWars, PVP and TNT Run. Each week will be on a different map.

Matches will be played each week, but strictly between Friday afternoons and Sunday nights – no matches during the week! This is so it’s fair to everyone that can’t play during the week. You won’t be able to verse every person on every map, as it’d take forever – if we get 16 players registered, it’ll be a 16 week competition, plus more for a finals series if players are interested. Like with our other tournaments, it’s up to each player to sort out their matches. Matches will be available on the LC League Island (image above) in the Minigames Lobby at the start of each week.

If matches are not played between Friday afternoons and Sunday nights, they cannot be delayed to the following week or weekend. The player that puts the least amount of effort in to scheduling a match will be forfeited.

Points & Scoring

Each match you play earns you points, regardless of if you win or not!

Win: 2 points
Lose: 1 point
Forfeit: 0 points

You need to actually play to get a point! The opponent of the forfeited player will get an automatic 2 points.


Up for grabs would be some diamond blocks and mega crate keys for the top three at the end of the series, and the top two (winner and runner-up) would get an exclusive rank on the server itself for the following year – League Champion, and League Runner-Up.


To register, send JohnsanGeezo a mail in game. Registration is free, but you need to be available to play each weekend in order to complete your matches and get those points. Registrations close Friday 22 April at 9pm. No registrations will be taken once the competition has started.


A new LC League page will be created on the website in the coming days that will include the full season draw (the matches), and the current ladder, plus this information and a little more closer to the date.

This is going to be huge! Make sure you register for the first annual LC League competition, and ask in game or in Discord if you have any questions.

We’re updating to 1.18.1!

Yep, you’ve all waited so patiently, but it’s time! The plugins are pretty much good to go – fingers crossed we don’t have any hiccups, but we’ve waited long enough. All things going well, 1.18.1 is coming to LibraryCraft next week! Things will change, new things will come, but it will be amazing. Here’s what you need to know. Make sure you read this whole post!

What will change?

A few things…

  • Survival Worlds:
    • OldSurvival will be removed and (hopefully) available for download somewhere on this site. OldSurvival was our 1.15.2 world. It’s hardly used, but it needs to go to make room for…
    • 1.18Survival! A brand new world (and new inventory) with the new height and depth, with a fresh and incredible looking spawn area (check out the images for a sneak peek). The current NewSurvival will be renamed to 1.17Survival. You can still access that world, and it’s inventory, but the 1.18Survival world will have a separate inventory.
    • The OldSurvival gate on the Warp Ship will become the gate for 1.17Survival, and 1.18Survival will be opposite it. Trust us, you’ll know which one is which when you walk through the gate…
  • Plugin tweaks:
    • The Diamond Bank will stay installed (as we need it to be), but we won’t be using it to store diamonds. All diamonds should be withdrawn from player banks on NewSurvival this week – before we update! You will not be able to /withdraw or /deposit on NewSurvival once we have updated. You will also not be able to pay people, or deposit in 1.18Survival. You’ll need to make a nice vault to keep your shinies in! Why? Because currently we can’t set up a new Bank per world – they’d be linked, and we need it!
    • 1.18Survival won’t appear in Dynmap for a few weeks, to encourage natural exploration.
  • Server/Gameplay changes
    • The map will be a 5000×5000 map (most likely).
    • Public Nether and End gates will not appear in the spawn area until after someone has made it there with regular gameplay.
    • The /gwarp 117Spawn will be removed and replaced with 118Spawn. If you want to get to 1.17Survival, you’ll need to use the Warp Ship Gate.
    • The Survival Lobby will have a separate inventory to both 1.18Survival & 1.17 Survival. This also means that…
    • The Post Office is going to close! While we were small it was good, but we’re too big now to let everyone have a post office box – we don’t have the space. If you want to deliver something to a player, head to their base.
    • How? Make use of public pwarps and pwarp classes! You can check out how to do it in the Player’s Guide. Don’t want people to be able to teleport into your base? Set the public warp point somewhere outside. This also relates to the next one…
    • The Trade Hall will not be coming back in 1.18Survival! Once again, there’s not enough room, and it means that players can make their shops bigger and better (or smaller and simpler) than ever. Have a shop that you want people to visit? Set it as a Public Shop pwarp and it will appear in the /pwarps list.
    • Players will get extra claims blocks to use in 1.18Survival. We’re still figuring out how many exactly, as you should get some back when we remove claims from OldSurvival. We want to make it fair for everyone, but don’t want to give away too many! If you run out again, you’ll need to remove some old claims from 1.17Survival.
      • As was the rule before, you are NOT allowed to claim areas of land simply to reserve resources. Claims should be for builds only. If claims are found with no building on them, they will be removed by moderators.
      • We will also be asking players not to claim villages. Villages are for everyone to enjoy. If you want the villagers, take them, but do not claim the whole village, or even a part of it, unless you have a build there. There are only so many of them!
    • Lastly, the Head Games will be returning for Season 3! You’ll find the Head Games HQ in the new spawn area on 1.18Survival. Each mob has a chance of dropping it’s head on death. Each head is worth points. Collect heads, submit them each week and the top three points scorers will get some massive prizes! You can even donate to the prize pool to increase the loot. The Head Games will be open from when 1.18Survival is available to players, and will go for 2 months. Plenty of time to collect those heads! All the information you need will be in the HG HQ.

So when will it happen?

All things going well, LibraryCraft will update on Monday 14th February. That’s this Monday! During this time the whitelist will be reset so only John and select staff can access it. This is so the servers can be updated, the new world installed and the world (plus Nether and End) preloaded to stop lag. We’ll run some tests, make a few final tweaks to the new spawn area and then open it up. If you find yourself unwhitelisted, don’t panic! Just be patient. The process could take a couple of days – we’re just not sure. The server’s MOTD (the little message that appears on your server list screen) will be updated to reflect what’s going on.

That’s it! If you have questions, get in touch with us on the LibraryCraft Discord. Bring on 1.18!