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Included below are some options for promotion at your library. These include images, posters, a postcard, social media graphics, text and promotional videos. More videos are available from the Videos page.



General Library / Youth Centre Poster

January Creative Competition Poster – Skylands

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Social Media Images

Text for Social Media

Calling all Minecraft players! LibraryCraft is a free Minecraft Java Edition server for 7 to 17 year olds in Western Australia. You can take part in monthly competitions, play Survival or Creative, and get stuck into minigames! Check it out at:

Some awesome WA libraries have banded together to create LibraryCraft, a free Minecraft server that is available to WA kids aged 7-17 years old.

The City of XXXX have jumped on board along with the libraries to share this amazing server with you!

For more details and to get started, head to

Are your kids fans of Minecraft? Kids 7-17 are welcome to join LibraryCraft, a free and safe Minecraft server supported by libraries across WA. There’s heaps to do!


Full Trailer with music track (Duration: 1:32)

Short Building Promo (Duration: 19 sec; no sound)

Creative Mode Promo (Duration: 19 sec; no sound)

Spleef Promo (Duration: 14 sec; no sound)

Survival Homes Promo (Duration: 16 sec; no sound)

BedWars Promo (Duration: 33 sec; no sound)