August Build Competition – Underwater Bases – with the WA Maritime Museum!

It’s just under two weeks until the end of July, and we have had some great entries in the Gates competition so far, but I want to get everyone excited for what is next.

In August we’re teaming up with the WA Maritime Museum to celebrate National Science Week. 2020’s theme is Deep Blue, so we’re asking you to build your best Underwater Base. Builds must be themed around one of the following topics:

  • Research Base (underwater research in shallow and deep water)
  • Camoflaged Base (hiding from the monsters of the deep)
  • Exploration Base (searching for a new place to live)

We have created a brand new custom world just for this competition, with huge 100×100 sized water plots. Each plot has a small section of beach. 

The WA Maritime Museum has also provided some extra video content for players, covering some deep sea exploration missions in WA. This content will be useful in getting the most out of your builds! Each player will also be able to ask questions of the expedition team themselves.


  • All building is in Creative Mode
  • Builders must choose ONE topic above
  • Builders must use ONE plot only
  • All building must be done on the August Comp Map
  • Designs must be your own
  • Single player entries only – no team builds

Each base MUST include:

  • A way to get inhabitants and supplies from the Base to the surface (each plot has a section of land)
  • Living Quarters
  • Research laboratories (plants and animals)
  • Water and Air filtration systems (use your imagination)
  • Ocean access for marine life study and exploration (shallow and deep water)
  • Submersible craft or ROV (remotely operated vehicle)

Judging will happen during the first week of September. Judging will be based on both aesthetics (how it looks), and functionality. The WA Maritime Museum staff will be judging the entries as well, with each WAMM vote counting for two moderator votes.

As per normal, the August Comp world gate – located on the Warp Ship – will replace the July gate which will close to building at 9pm on Friday July 31st.

The gate will open on the Warp Ship on the morning of August 1st, so get planning and designing now – you’ll only have a month to build. Players Choice votes will also be open as usual.


The top three designs will win an extra special prize, just for August, thanks to the WA Maritime Museum. To qualify for these prizes, a question must be submitted to the WAMM Science team. More information on this is available in game. Regular Emerald Points prizes will be given out as usual – it’s the start of a new season, so points will get reset!

1st Place: 300X 8-LED USB Digital Microscope
2nd & 3rd Places: 25x Brass Monocular Spyglass

These are some seriously cool prizes, so I’m looking forward to seeing the builds and getting your questions!

In the mean time, keep building those gates!