June Winter Competition – Results

The moderators have done another round of voting so here are the top three for June! We had over 25 entries this round. That’s huge!

Like every month, each moderator chose their top three and submitted the votes to me. I then tally them up with each vote getting a score – 15 points for a 1st choice vote, 10 points for 2nd, 5 points for 3rd. The points were added up and the three top points scorers got the wins.

1st Place: Xx_Aidan_xX

In the space of a solid 5 hours of building, Aidan created a beautiful snowglobe! The shaping of this is stunning.

2nd Place: _xXDedukKingXx_

King once again reached for the skies with a large floating castle and a dragon.

3rd Place: TapuKoko888

Koko submitted a very clever Santa’s village. There was so much detail, including a hidden underground Santa’s hideout, and Santa’s sleigh!

Honourable Mentions

Like last month, there were a few players that scored some votes, but missed out on the top spot.

FrankieSquid8 created this cozy winter house with a very nice interior.

Rodger500, built a series of igloos and a roaring campfire amongst the snow.

EpicCracker29, submitted a very nice winter village with a couple of houses, an igloo and a great looking beacon housing.

Finally, ___cosmic__ included a beautiful secluded campsite amongst snow covered trees.

There were so many more entries that were all fantastic builds – a massive congratulations to all who entered. Check out the video above.

The Winter world will be available for a little while longer to get any final Player’s Choice votes in. The top three Players’ Choice builds will get some extra in game cash.

We’ve got one more month to go before the end of the very first season of the Emerald Points competition. The tally so far is:

  • _xXDedukKingXx_ – 35 points
  • Tapukoko888 – 20 points
  • Xx_Aidan_xX – 15 points
  • toothless_spy – 10 points
  • IcyDragon27 – 5 points
  • EvaLPS – 5 points

It’s still anyone’s game! Any of the current placeholders above can sneak in to get a prize at the end of July. It’s getting exciting now. In August we start again with a new season and new prizes!

Congratulations to all! Let’s keep building – we’re looking forward to seeing the Gates!