A New Minigame and a Big Treasure Hunt!

It’s been a big few days in LibraryCraft! Unfortunately it’s been a while since we’ve been able to play a game of Spleef, as an update caused a few issues that we couldn’t work out. This week it was removed from the server, and in it’s place we’ve got something new, and kind of similar. By popular demand, the newest minigame to LibraryCraft is TNT Run!

Similar to Spleef, the match is played on a series of tiered platforms – a gravity impacted block (blocks that fall like sand, gravel and concrete powder) above a layer of TNT.

When players run around, blocks will disappear behind the player – be careful running around! Go through the final layer and you’re out. There’s also a the option to purchase extra combat options like weapons and potions to help knock your opponents off. These also come from your existing balance, so players can get them pretty much straight away.

We’ve also got a fantastic new lobby island for TNT Run, thanks to resident builder, JTripleM!

Treasure Hunt #3

Finally, this Friday morning at 9:30am we’ll be running a big Treasure Hunt, with all of the final Apartments (all 9 of them) up for grabs! Like with the previous Hunts, it’ll take place across multiple worlds in the server. You’ll definitely need an elytra and a stash of rockets for this one. All the information you need is on the Treasure Hunt Lobby, with the gate on the Warp Ship. Bring on Friday!