March Caves Competition – Results

March is all done – time for the results! Most of the building happened underground this month, so pictures are a little trickier, but there’s at least one underground image for each of the winners. It also marks the mid-season point for the competition, so some prizes are up for grabs for the top three at the moment.

Here’s the top three, and some honourable mentions.

1st Place: CrazyCollie1205

Collie gets win number two with a highly detailed exterior and interior build for March – I particularly love the crane outside. Inside is a very nicely decorated bunker, complete with tropical fish! The shower block is great, even if it’s not all that private!

2nd Place: Countdodododo

Count is back in the top three with an innovative exterior design. The road and powerlines are great, and I love the overturned truck! Inside there’s story galore, with almost every character having a sign for speech. Count, you’re a brilliant storyteller!

3rd Place: B4C0N__

Fresh after a slight username tweak, Bacon has built a smoking underground bunker in what seems to be a dead forest. I particularly like the large pipes leading into the textured green lake. Inside there’s iron blocks galore (which looks great with my textures), and a very clinical and orderly build, with much more below.

Honourable Mentions

Three other builders also scored votes but didn’t quite get across the line.




Lastly, there’s the Mid Season winners! Here’s how the leaderboard looks after March:

  • Countdodododo – 35 pts
  • CrazyCollie1205 – 20 pts
  • B4C0N- 15 pts
  • JtripleM- 15 pts
  • Kursed7280084 – 5 pts

To split up the two third places, we go by the number of votes gathered since the start of the season. So that’s 10 votes for JtripleM and 18 for B4C0N! The winners are Count, Collie and B4C0N. Woo! Count, you get a $25 JB HiFi Voucher, with Collie and B4C0N getting a $10 one each.

Congratulations to all our winners and honourable mentions! I’ll send out the winnings for the top three this afternoon, and will reach out to the mid-season winners on Discord to arrange collection.