Introducing the LCBBS!

The what? It’s the LibraryCraft Big Base Swap! To mix things up and see what can happen, we’re running an opt-in Big Base Swap. Players will be assigned a different existing base on NewSurvival to modify!

To be a part of the fun, simply place a named book into the chest that’s in the Old Auction House (now the LCBBS Building) at NewSurvival Spawn Island. The book must also include the coordinates of your base.

Here are some always-important rules:

  1. You are not being forced to do this! It’s only if you want to.
  2. No clearing out items from chests before you leave. You can only take tools, armour, netherite ingots elytra and rockets. Everything else must stay behind. Everything.
  3. If you have multiple bases, you must give up your best NewSurvival base.
  4. No destruction for destruction’s sake. Feel free to talk to the original owner to see the direction they wanted to take, but it’s also up to you if you want to do something different. Remember though – you are modifying bases, not completely rebuilding. No tearing down what’s there already.
  5. No swapping back straight away! You must have the new base for at least 1 month before asking to swap back. You can of course stay swapped for longer. Remember, be nice to each other.
  6. The draw will be chosen by John.
  7. Mods will be allowed to participate! You might get a mod’s base…
  8. Whatever you do not use during the swap must stay at the base! No blatant robbery.

The LCBBS is now open for entrants! Registrations will close at 9pm on Thursday 15th April. Your new base name (and location) will be in your mail the following morning. The deed to your new property (the book) will be in a chest at that base. Don’t lose it! You’ll need to swap them over again at the end.