April Food Build Competition Results

2023 is going so fast! Time to announce the winners for April’s Food competition. We also forgot something last month! March marks the mid-season point for the competition, so some prizes are up for grabs for the top three after the March competition.

Like I said last month, we’ve had a lot of fun with the competitions this year, and they’re all competitions that were suggested by our players. This one was suggested by cramski!

On to the results!

1st Place: RatherQuenched

Coming in with his first win is RQ with these whoppers! It also comes in a simple but eye-focusing viewing box. Congrats RQ!

2nd Place: Strawfolk

Notching up a second place two months in a row, Straw has chosen to create a floating smorgasbord of options. I particularly like the chips in the very stylish wire basket.

3rd Place: RubyBird12

Ruby opted for a great looking lunch box! I’d be pretty happy if this was my lunch!

Honourable Mentions

We have two honourable mention this round, with players scoring some votes, but not enough to make the podium finish. They each get a diamond block! Remember, there’s a new way to collect your winnings!



Well done to all our entries!

Mid-Season Prize Winners

Lastly, there’s the Mid Season winners from last month! Here’s how the leaderboard looked after March (not including this month’s results):

  • toothless_spy – 25 pts
  • Noodles257– 15 pts
  • Strawfolk – 15 pts
  • RubyBird12 – 15 pts
  • RatherQuenched – 5 pts
  • LordSquid_ – 5 pts
  • GalaxyOcean – 5 pts

To split up the three on 15 points, we go by the number of votes gathered since the start of the season. That’s 18 votes for Noodles, 14 for Strawfolk and 5 for Ruby. The winners are toothless_spy, Noodles257 and Strawfolk. Woo! Toothless, you get a $25 JB HiFi Voucher, with Noodles and Straw getting a $10 one each.

Congratulations to all our winners and honourable mentions! I’ll send out the winnings for the top three this afternoon, and will reach out to the mid-season winners on Discord to arrange collection.

Current Leaderboard

Including the April results, here’s what the leaderboard looks like, taking into account the vote counts for those that are tied. A bit of a shuffle in the top three…

  • Strawfolk – 25 pts
  • toothless_spy – 25 pts
  • RatherQuenched – 20 pts
  • RubyBird12 – 20 pts
  • Noodles257 – 15 pts
  • LordSquid_ – 5 pts
  • GalaxyOcean – 5 pts

Prize Collection

To make things a little easier on me, a Competition Prize Collection Point has been set up in 119Survival! Instead of prizes being deposited at bases, they’ll all be left at a central prize collection point at my 119Survival Base. There’s a public pwarp – JohnsanGeezo.CompCollectionPoint – that will have protected chests for each player that won a prize – podium OR honourable mention.

I’ve tweaked it a little again, with redstone lamps and a lever at each spot. Once you have collected your prize, please turn the light off. The redstone torches indicate that you have a previous prize to collect.

Please make sure you collect your items quickly, or you will risk losing them! The prizes from January and February have now been cleared.