A New PVP Survival Map is coming tomorrow!

We got some great feedback from some players over the course of the two weeks of PVP Survival 3, and like always, we wanted to know what you think, because you lot are important, and you’ve got some great ideas. We’re doing a restart of PVPSurvival.

Play has dropped, which we feel (and we’ve been told) is normal for a PVP Survival map. It’s not a bad thing! Some of you were so stacked it was hard for newer players (or players with less gear, like me) to get a decent foothold in the map.

After some great feedback, here’s what we’re going to do. A rotation of different maps, around for a shorter amount of time. In no particular order:

  • No enchants
  • Nether Only
  • No diamonds
  • No meats
  • Super small 500×500 world
  • Map that gets smaller every day

There’s also a few ideas that will need a bit more thought and possibly another plugin:

  • Limited biomes, or a single biome
  • A kill counter on screen
  • Battle Royale – last man standing. This one would also be a registerable event.

The next map will be (funnily enough) PVP Survival 4:

  • 1000×1000 map
  • same rules as last time, but we’re also adding:
  • No enchants at all (items created or found, plus potions). Just bare armour and tools.
  • It’ll be around for 2 weeks (may be extended slightly if play is still popular). We’ll play it by ear but if this one is anything to go by, 2 weeks will be fine.
  • If you die, you surrender your gear to that player that caused your untimely (or timely) demise.
  • No more than 3 members in your team.
  • We’ve also completely removed the /tp commands in the world. No more tping to people! It’s a very small map, so you can walk it. Or use a boat. Or a horse.

In terms of when the first map will roll out, we’re hoping to have it out and ready for after school tomorrow! Stay tuned!