July Build Competition – Gates

It’s just over a week until the end of June, so finish your Winter builds and get ready for July! This month we’re doing something a little different – Gates.

JohnsanGeezo is currently setting up a new custom world with some customised bosses to battle. This custom world will have a central gate area, with five different regions, home to different bosses. The regions (so far) will be Valley, Dark Forest, Ocean, Corrupted/Nether, and The End.

We want you to design our five region gates! The best gate designs (hopefully one for each region) will then be incorporated into the new Mob Battle World. 


  • All building is in Creative Mode
  • Builders must use ONE plot only
  • Choose a theme for your gate (Valley, Dark Forest, Ocean, Corrupted, End)
  • All building must be done on the July Comp Map
  • Designs must be your own
  • Single player entries only – no team builds
  • Actual Gate designs must meet certain criteria in order to work (see examples in the competition world by the world Gate)
  • Gates will not be functional while in the Competition World

Judging will happen during the first week of August. The July Comp world gate – located on the Warp Ship – will replace the June gate which will close to building at 9pm on Tuesday June 30th.

Also, we will still be choosing an overall top three for the Emerald Points competition. There will hopefully be five different gates that will be moved to the new world.

The gate will open on the Warp Ship on the morning of July 1st, so get planning and designing now – you’ll only have a month to build.

Player’s Choice Votes – Winter

Late next week the moderator team will be judging the Winter entries, and like with the Treehouses, you can add your votes in too. The gate to the Winter world will be available on the upper deck of the Warp Ship. The Winter world will be set to Adventure Mode so no more building will be able to happen, and it will be available for two weeks for players to check out. Voting is done by sending JohnsanGeezo a mail using /mail send JohnsanGeezo.

Players are not allowed to vote for their own entry, and must choose their top 3 builds (you can’t vote for the moderator’s builds). Players are also not allowed to buy or bribe for votes. If you are caught doing this, you will automatically be disqualified from getting Player votes for that month.

The top three entrants in the Players Choice will also get some in-game currency. For more information about the Emerald Points Competition, check out the article all about it.

Get in touch on Discord or in game if you have questions! We’re looking forward to seeing those entries!