Everything you need to know about the July BedWars Tournament

It’s almost time for the School Holiday BedWars Tournaments! Registrations are now open for the July School Holiday Tournament. Read on for all the info!

All matches (including the Grand Finals) will be a double elimination knockout. You must lose twice in order to be out of the competition. If you lose once, you can still come back and win the whole thing. All matches will be played on a brand new map – Castle, and there will be no grace periods – the match will play as default.

This time we are running two Solo tournaments each running over a week:

5th to 11th July
12th to 18th July

Registrations close at 9pm on Saturday July 3rd, and the brackets will be created and available on Sunday July 4th.

It is up to the players to schedule their matches during the week, and report back to LightKLibrary, preferably through Discord in #tournaments, or using in-game mail if you do not have Discord access.

Something that is crucial at this time of year – talk to your parents about your availabilities during the week. It’s the Easter school holidays. If you have something on, you need to find out so you are aware. You need to be available to play, or it inconveniences the rest of the players, and the organisers.

You need to mail LightKLibrary in game to register.

Please select the week you wish to compete in by saying Week 1 or Week 2. Also indicate if you would be interested in playing in the other tournament as well. You may be added as a player or as a substitute.


If you cannot make your match during the allocated dates, you will forfeit the match. Report it as soon as you know. Don’t leave it until the last minute! It’s a lot of work to organise tournaments, and last minute forfeits can be annoying.

Once a new match has been confirmed and the players have been tagged/messaged in game/Discord, you have 24 hours to PLAY the match, or it will be deemed a forfeit. The player that is causing the delay will be the player that forfeits. If this can’t be determined, it will be a 50/50 decision by the Mod Team.


What should I report to Kirsty?
1. Report if you are unable to schedule a match during the allocated week.
2. Both players must report the results after the match, in either Discord (#tournaments) or using in-game mail.

Kirsty will then update the bracket, so the next match can be scheduled.

Can I report to JohnsanGeezo?
Nope, to lighten the load on us, we’re taking it in turns. This time it’s Kirsty’s turn to run the tournament.

Are you sure we can’t delay the matches we can’t play to a different week?
Yes. You must complete your matches in the tournament week. This is so results and prizes can be finalised in a timely fashion, and stops a lot of confusion.

Can we use a different map, like Arena or Forest?
No, all matches must be played on Forest, so it’s fair for everyone.

Can we have longer grace periods before PvP starts?
No, the default game settings must be used. All matches must be played fair and according to the rules. If exploits or cheats are seen to be used, the player using them will instantly forfeit the match, and the player will be placed in jail according to server rules.

Can another player (registered or not registered) play instead?
Yes! This time around we’re having a substitutes list. The first 32 players to register will be in the tournament proper (16 for each tournament). Any registrations before the close date will go on the Substitutes list. Any late registrations (between the close date and tournament start) will also be on the Substitutes list.

You MUST be available to play during that week at short notice if you are a substitute.

Ok, what are the brackets?
They’re not made yet – you need to register first!

Good luck!