Everything you need to know about the BedWars Tournaments

It’s almost time for the School Holiday BedWars Tournaments! We’ve had a huge amount of registrations, and all of the slots are now full. We’ve got a record amount of entries this time. Here’s all the information you need to know.

All matches (including the Grand Finals now – our bracket system recently added this feature in) will be a double elimination knockout. You must lose twice in order to be out of the competition. If you lose once, you can still come back and win the whole thing. All matches will be played on the Forest Map, and there will be no grace periods – the match will play as default.

This time we are running each tournament over the course of a week:

Solos: 11th to 17th January
Pairs: 18th to 24th January

While both brackets are published, no official pairs matches should occur between the 11th and 17th of January, and no final Solos matches should occur between the 18th and 24th. If you cannot make your match during the allocated dates, you will forfeit the match. It is up to the players to schedule their matches during the correct week, and report back to LightKLibrary, preferably through Discord in #tournaments, or using in-game mail if you do not have Discord access.

What should I report to LightKLibrary?
1. Report if you are unable to schedule a match during the allocated week.
2. Both players must report the results after the match, in either Discord (#tournaments) or using in-game mail.

LightKLibrary will then update the bracket, so the next match can be scheduled.

Can I report to JohnsanGeezo?
Nope, he’ll be on holidays! LightKLibrary is the only one that has access to the brackets.

I can’t read the teams properly on the Pairs bracket!
The teams are:
SuperHeroFlash & lowkeq
Crazycollie1205 & JtripleM
Cram_ & _skip
Ghostrealm2002 & EJ_W
Dark_Dreams & MattyBGamer_
DexterouzDingo & Xx_Aidan_xX
Ghostrealm2000 & ThatGamer762
_erupt & blackfrilled

My teammate can’t make the match!
You are able to play the Pairs match solo if your teammate cannot make it.

Are you sure we can’t delay the matches we can’t play to a different week?
Yes. You must complete your matches in their designated week. This is so results and prizes can be finalised in a timely fashion, and stops a lot of confusion.

Can we use a different map, like Arena or Winter?
No, all matches must be played on Forest, so it’s fair for everyone.

Can we have longer grace periods before PvP starts?
No, the default game settings must be used. All matches must be played fair and according to the rules. If exploits or cheats are seen to be used, the player using them will instantly forfeit the match, and the player will be placed in jail according to server rules.

Can another player (registered or not registered) play instead?
No. Only the registered players are able to play. No substitutes will be allowed.

Ok, what are the brackets?
Here they are! Make sure you check the matches properly.

Good luck!

LibraryCraft & BedWars!

After so many requests (seriously, so many) LibraryCraft now has a BedWars world! We decided to get rid of the Racing world in order to make room for it – we may bring it back one day, but if we do, it won’t be for a while.

The BedWars map is set in a Western style desert town and can take 4 teams with a maximum of 2 players in each team. Each team (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) have a bronze resource spawner, with the smaller islands in front containing an iron resource spawner. The centre island has a few gold resource spawners.

If you’ve never played BedWars before, it’s essentially capture the flag and PVP all rolled into one. Protect your bed while trying to destroy other team beds. If your bed still stands, then when you die you can respawn. No bed means no respawn and the game is over!

Inside each team base is a shop (the villager). The resource spawners are the in game currency – use these to get some nice powerups and things to help! Wool to get across the void, arrow deflects, potions, armour, swords, even an exploding sheep!

When you head to the gate you’ll spawn on a platform above the arena. Click the left sign to join the game (it may say Disabled but this is a current bug – click it anyway) and then choose a team by clicking an armour stand. If you don’t choose a team, one will be chosen for you.

You can also see your individual statistics on the hologram on the island. A player kill will give you $5 and a win will give you $50. These may be increased later.

If you have questions about the game, either ask in Discord or in game!