LibraryCraft is now on Bedrock Edition!

Huge news! Thanks to an incredible (and very new) plugin, we’re now able to allow Bedrock users to connect to the LibraryCraft server.

If you play on iOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox or Nintendo Switch, you can be on the same server as the Java players. Unfortunately if you’re on a PlayStation you won’t be able to connect due to the way our whitelist works.

There’s a few important differences when you’re in game on Bedrock – some features won’t work or won’t display properly. These are all outlined in the Bedrock Edition Differences page. If you want the full LibraryCraft experience, get yourself a copy of Java Edition and let us know! We’re also able to link Java and Bedrock accounts together, so you can get access to your Java account through Bedrock.

Importantly, this is very new and still being worked on. Some functions may not work as intended, but they’re being investigated by the plugin developers. There’s sure to be improvements in the future.

If you have questions, reach out to us, and if you’ve got friends that have wanted to connect but couldn’t, now they might be able to!

LibraryCraft SkyBlock is Here!

SkyBlock has been added to LibraryCraft – now you can play one of the most popular minigames in Minecraft! Not sure what SkyBlock is? Check out this video. It’s a little different in the video to our version, but the important things are the same.

To get to the SkyBlock world, use the Warp Ship – a new gate has been added right at the end. When you get to the SkyBlock world, you’ll see some instructions in a holographic display. Everyone will get their own separate island. To get your own island, use:

/island OR /is

The following screen will appear:

There are three island options, easy, a double island, and a hard island. If you’ve never played SkyBlock before, I’d suggest sticking with the easy or double one. If you choose the standard island, here’s what you get.

Your island will have a cow, a tree, a chest with stuff, and an island made of dirt and stone. From there, expand your island and make more things! There’s loads of challenges to complete.

Here’s a bunch of commands you’ll need to know.

/island OR /is– Main Island command
– teleports you to your island
/is ban <player>Bans a player from your island
/is unban <player>Unbans a player from your island
/is banlistLists banned players on your island
/is challengesShows the Challenges list
/is infoShows information about an island
/is level <player>Shows your island level, or the level of <player>
/is setnameSet a name for your island
/is settingsDisplay your island’s settings (what team members an visitors can and cannot do)
/is teamManage your island’s team
/is team inviteInvite a player to join your island
/is team acceptAccept an invitation
/is team kickRemove a player from your island
/is team promotePromote a player on your island up a rank
/is team demoteDemote a player on your island down a rank
/is topShow the top 10 islands
/is likesLike or unlike an island, and check your own likes.

Nether and End Islands

Yes, your Survival Islands also have their own matching Nether and End islands! Unfortunately the server settings mean that a Nether portal isn’t able to be made traditionally.

When you can prove to a moderator that you have the ability to create a Nether portal (10 obsidian and a flint and steel), send JohnsanGeezo a /mail and he will bring you over. The Nether Island also has an End gate. When you are given access to your Nether Island, JohnsanGeezo will also take your 10 obsidian off you.

If you have questions about SkyBlock, just ask!

Economy System 2.0

Ever wanted to be able to buy some of those rarer items in the game? Now you can! The Mod team have improved the Economy System with a brand new Server Shop.

In addition to player stores, where player to player buying and selling occurs, you can now use your hard earned in-game cash to trade directly with the server itself.

To get access to the server shop, type /shop. (It will come up with /shop [section], but just leave it as /shop and it will work). The image above shows what will appear. The server shop is split up into sections (from left to right, top to bottom):

  • Ores
  • Music
  • Blocks
  • Farming
  • Mobs (drops, not the mobs themselves)
  • Enchanting
  • Colours
  • Other
  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Redstone
  • Potions

Click on one and the selections will appear.

Some are cheap, some not so much! If the buy and sell options are $0, it means they’re not available.

When an item is selected, you’ll see the following screen:

There’s currently one grass block that will be sold. To add more, use the glass panes to the right for +1, +16 or +32. To check your balance, hover over your player head in the bottom left corner.

When you’re happy with your amount, click the map at the top to buy them. They’ll appear in your inventory!

How can I make more money?

Great question – you can make more money by creating a shop in the Trade Hall yourself, by winning a match in Spleef or PVP, or by winning one of our Monthly Build Competitions!

As of right now, a Spleef or PVP win will reward you with $100. You can find out more about the Monthly Build Competition rewards on the Competition Page.